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Contrapasso in Dante's "Inferno"
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A three page paper on contrapasso, the Italian term for selecting a punishment that perfectly fits the crime. In Dante's Inferno, Dante tried his best to come up with unique punishments that would convince his readers that sinners are really held accountable for their very specific sins in the afterlife, and they should thus do whatever they could to avoid sinning while they were still alive. No additional sources.
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Robert Pinsky and Dante’s Inferno
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This 5 page report discusses the ninth U.S. poet laureate,Robert Pinsky, and Dante’s “Inferno.” Drawing on information from an online discussion with The Atlantic Monthly in April of 1995, Pinsky’s ideas as they realte to Dante are examined.Pinsky’s translation of “Inferno” won several awards which called special attention to this American’s view of one of the world’s great literary classics. No secondary sources.
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