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Dante's 'Inferno' / Applications to Life
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This 8 page paper discusses how Dante's The Inferno depicts real life specific to the recovering alcoholic. It compares the process of admitting to alcoholism, deciding to journey outside the boundaries of the familiar, confronting the beasts of a previous lifestyle, choosing a guide, giving their life and will over to a power greater then themselves and making the journey of honest and fearless self-examination with the story of Dante's journey through the Inferno with the help and guidance of Virgil.Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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Visual Imagery in Dante’s Inferno
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A 5 page paper looking at the types of imagery used in Dante’s classic poem as well as the way they relate to the spiritual meanings of the poem. The paper concludes that Dante demonstrates in his symbolic and yet graphic imagery a desire to reform his own life and help his readers do the same. No additional sources.
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Dante's "Inferno," Canto XXXII: the Frozen Sinners
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A three page paper looking at a short passage in Dante's "Inferno," describing the fate of a group of sinners frozen in a lake of ice. The paper shows how Dante, intending to invoke our revulsion, succeeds only in invoking our pity. No additional sources.
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